Friday, December 16, 2011


So I've been really unsure as what to write since my first post. I was so excited to start up and share all my thoughts and crafts with the blogging community but then I just got nervous, I know its silly. Well one of the blogs that has really inspired me lately is Sweet Verbena. If you haven't seen her blog yet, it is amazing and I've already tested out some of her tutorials and loved them all.

I followed THIS tutorial and made these:
Don't you just love the color?!

These were white keds that I had to wear when I was in nursing school. They were all dirty and stained and I almost threw them out a bunch of times but for some reason never did. 

I was then inspired by her bracelet tutorial here! I just loved it. I thought it was so simple and sweet and I already have tons of embroidery floss from past projects, like friendship bracelets (and because buying different pretty colors is a small addiction). 

So I decided to make my own version of the bracelets inspired by the wonderful Katy. 

Okay so now its time for the tutorial:

Firstly you'll need:

 -Two pieces of embroidery floss about 45" long.

-Some kind of hollow charm

-1 size B/2.25MM crochet hook

-Some small basic knowledge of crochet. (Chain stitch)

Step one:
Fold your floss in half so its doubled and loop it through your charm
Step two:
Wrap thread over hook.
Step three:
Turn hook 180 degrees so there is a little twist off of your charm.
Step four:
Begin your chain stitch. 
12 on either side was enough for my wrist which I
measured at about 5 inches around.

Repeat on the other side. Leave about a 4 inch tail on both sides but do not make a knot at the end. 
Now I followed this video on YouTube to finish and so that it was an adjustable bracelet.

There you go! 

This picture was taken before I decided to make it adjustable
so there are knots so ignore them!

Of course all of these measurements can be adjusted for your needs. You may need more chains or maybe less. Also, you'll see that in one picture there is a bead on the bracelet instead of something hollow. If the hole is big enough for a tapestry needle to fit through then you should be able to do it with that. You'll need one piece of floss and it will have to be longer. Make a knot on either side of the bead and as close to it as you can get, and then follow from step two on.

Now I promise that I will have crochet and knit tutorials in the near future. For now if you don't know how to make a chain with a crochet hook there are plenty of videos on YouTube (which is actually where I learned...). 
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Any questions just ask!

And a photo for the day. My dad and I went to pick out a Christmas tree. We wanted a small one like in Charlie Brown  but my mom was SOOO against it. So for MY room I found this adorable little guy <3

I'll put pictures up when its all decorated. Enjoy your holidays!

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  1. Cute! Thanks for linking to me (: I love the color you chose for the shoes. And I love you crocheted the thread for the bracelet. I've really got to learn to crochet!